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Shaoxing YueXiu Straps Co., Ltd. possesses advanced equipments, such as: high-speed narrow-fabric needle looms, weaving machines, and disk machines. It is a leading enterprise that collects manufacturing and selling different kinds of curtain straps, weave straps, three-thread straps, belts can be drawn out, English type straps, sofa elastic, sofa

rope, carpet rope,bedspread rope, sofa macramé and ties for hanging ball and clothes into and integer. The company has won the domestic and international customer's unanimous favor with years of production experiences and high-quality management system. And has really promised to let users buy without concern over quality and use ...

Adderss:No.888 Shannan, Yangshan Village,Qixian Town, Shaoxing Tel:0575-85182829 Fax:0575-85180716 / 85577081

E-mail:[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Homepage:http://www.ldqua.tw


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